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Waterbed Questions

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Q: How is a Waterbed Installed?

build a waterbed frame build the waterbed pedestal lay waterbed deck boards mount the waterbed frame
the Frame
the Pedestal
Deck Boards
the Headboard
install waterbed heater install waterbed safety liner & waterbed mattress fill the waterbed watermattress Add waterbed linens and waterbed comforter
Install Temperature
Install Safety Liner
& Mattress
Fill the
Add Linens
and Comforter


Q: Waterbeds are BEDDER! Why?
A: A waterbed is the only kind of bed which supports every inch of your body because it conforms to the exact shape of your body. It eliminates those uncomfortable pressure points that keep you tossing and turning on your lumpy, bumpy, squeaky old-fashioned mattress and box spring. It has been estimated that a  conventional spring mattress puts as much as eighty pounds of pressure  per square inch on certain parts of your body. A water mattress does not... because it distributes support over your entire body!

Q: What will I need for a complete hardside waterbed system?
A: The components of a hardside waterbed are:
(1) A water filled vinyl mattress; (2) A heater and control;
(3) A safety liner (4) A frame; (5) deck and pedestal.

Q: Are all waterbed mattresses the same?
A: NO. Waterbed mattresses vary in size, shape, and construction.The most common differences  are: SlZE: Made to fit King, Queen, Double, Super-Single, and Single  frames. SHAPE: Rectangular, Boxed, or Slightly Oval. SEAMS: either Lapped or Butt. All waterbed mattresses are equipped with a valve to add or   remove water.


Q: How Is a waterbed installed?
A: The purchaser of a waterbed is given instructions for setting up his waterbed, if he wishes to do it himself. Otherwise, for a nominal charge, creative bedrooms will completely install your waterbed and even make your bed before we leave!

Q: How do I fill my waterbed mattress?
A: Using a standard garden hose and your fill and drain kit, you can easily and safely fill the mattress. If in doubt, ask creative bedrooms!

Q: A waterbed is very heavy and my bedroom is on the second floor. Will it damage my floor?
A: No! Any dwelling that meets minimum building code standards is more than adequate to support the largest waterbed. The fact is, a waterbed creates less of a floor load than a filled bath tub, refrigerator, microwave oven, washing machine or ten guests.


Q: How often does the water in the waterbed mattress need to be changed?
A: NEVER-Unless the bed is relocated. Then, for ease of handling, the mattress must be drained. Simply empty the water and roll up or fold your mattress until you are ready to assemble it again!

Q: Then how does the water stay fresh and clean?
A: A 4 oz. treatment of water conditioner is all you need every 6 months in standard "free flowing mattresses". Specially formulated waterbed conditioner should be added to "baffled" water mattresses. As a customer service, creative bedrooms will send you a FRIENDLY REMINDER, when you are due to add  conditioner.

Q: Will my waterbed mattress leak?
A: With reasonable care, your waterbed mattress will provide years of comfort. Care must be taken with sharp objects to avoid punctures. A small puncture is easily repaired, while a large rip will ruin the waterbed mattress. Even then you need not worry; the safety liner is specifically designed to catch and hold any water leaking from your mattress, when filled to the correct level!

Q: How do I keep the surface of the waterbed mattress clean?
A: You should clean the surface of the waterbed mattress once a month with a recommended vinyl cleaner. This will help protect and condition the waterbed mattress for years to come. Keeping the vinyl material clean and soft will prevent cracking!


Q: What material is used in the water mattress?
A: Heavy duty vinyl, formulated for water containment, is used. Water  mattress currently on the market are generally made of poly vinyl chloride (PVC).

Q: Is all the vinyl the same thickness?
A: NO. It will vary in thickness from 20 mm to 27 mm, depending on the  manufacturer. A mattress which is 20 mm in thickness is adequate, however, heavier gauge vinyl is more resistant to puncture.

Q: What kind of seams are used in water mattresses?
A: Butt Seams, Radial Lap Seams and Reinforced Corner Panel Seams are used to provide a long lasting water-tight seal. (1) In the butt seam, two pieces of vinyl are brought together and seamed, as in clothing. (2) The radial lap seam involves an over-lapping of two pieces of vinyl, leaving the seams flat on the face of the mattress. (3) The reinforced corner panel is a proven design in stand up, three dimensional lap seam mattresses. This mattress features reduced seam area, 100% overlap construction and "Bottom Edge Seating" for increased reliability.

Q: What is a baffle?
A: A baffle is designed to retard the wave action of the water mattress.  Hydraulic cells, cylinders or fiber may be used, as a baffle! These  baffling devices should not be attached to the outer surface!  LESS SEAMS - LESS PROBLEMS.

Q: Will the baffles shift when I drain the mattress?
A: creative bedrooms baffled mattresses have durable cord tethers which will hold supportive baffles in place through out the life of the mattress.

Q: What is the function of the safety liner?
A: The safety liner, also made of vinyl, is installed to prevent water spillage in the case of mattress puncture. Installation is important, as the liner should be positioned to afford the maximum of protection. Stand-Up-Liners are used to maintain permanent positioning. creative bedrooms will show you.

Q: Is a heater necessary for my waterbed?
A: YES and NO! A heater keeps the water at a desired level of comfort year-round and  eliminates the undesirable effects of a cold waterbed. Just as the electric blanket is proven safe for the conventional bed; so too is the heater for use in the waterbed. If you have ever tried to sleep in an unheated waterbed, you will soon learn to appreciate the benefits of a therapeutically heated waterbed.

creative bedroom does offer some unheated softside waterbeds which have an insulated cover. These do not require heaters.

Q: Are waterbed heaters on all of the time? Aren't they expensive to run?
A: NO. Quality heaters are controlled by a thermostat, thereby conserving electricity. Cost is minimal, about $4 to $6 monthly. If you're interested in keeping your costs low, keep the bedroom at a normal 68 degrees F to 78 degrees F, keep your bed made, and use a mattress pad (the more  insulation around the mattress, the less heat will escape).

Q: Will I need a frame for the water mattress?
A: Generally, yes. This is what keeps the shape of the water mattress, while reducing unwanted stress to the seams. In addition to a wide selection of frames and mattresses, creative bedrooms completes their collection with specially designed Soft-Sided mattresses, requiring 'NO WOODEN FRAME AT ALL.'

Q: What Is a "Soft-Sided" waterbed?
A: These beds are distinguished by their remarkably similar appearance to   conventional innerspring mattresses and their soft sides! No rigid external frame is used and conventional bedding will fit! You can also use your own headboard and footboard. Ask creative bedrooms about their soft-sided waterbeds!

Q: What about the quality of the frame and pedestal I purchase?
A: Since the frame and pedestal are the foundation of the waterbed, quality in this area cannot be overemphasized. We know, through experience, SOLID WOOD should be used inside and out. If in doubt, ASK!!! A reputable dealer knows, or should know, about his product.


Q: Why will I toss and turn less on a waterbed?
A: On a regular mattress, the pressure exerted on your circulatory system shuts off the blood supply causing you to turn over up to sixty times in one night! On a waterbed, however, no part of your body will exert enough pressure to restrict the blood supply. You'll sleep sounder because you won't toss and turn as much.

Q: Will a waterbed help my back? Is it good for arthritis?
A: Citizens who yearn for more restful sleep may rest assured in today's waterbed. Hospitals long ago discovered the therapeutic benefits of flotation sleep. Aside from the obvious advantage of a bedder night's rest, waterbeds greatly reduce the discomfort of arthritis or back ailments. Hospitals find waterbeds especially useful in treatment of burn victims, eye and brain surgery post-operative care, and in preventing bed sores among patients unable to move easily.

Q: Will I get seasick?
A: Absolutely not! Any person getting into his waterbed, for the first time, will notice the undulating motion, although it will subside in seconds. For the first several nights, a waterbed may take some getting used to. But, upon awakening from a night of deep sleep, the individual realized he has experienced a totally new and refreshing way to sleep! Also, you can select the amount of water motion by choosing from one of creative bedrooms baffled mattress designs.

Q: Can I sleep on a waterbed if I'm pregnant?
A: Yes. As a matter of fact, most women can sleep on their stomachs even in the ninth month! Many physicians recommend waterbeds during advance stages of pregnancy!

Q: Will a baby crib waterbed benefit my baby?
A: YES. A "Small Waves crib flotation system is designed to provide your baby with the most comfortable, advanced sleep surface available today. Hospital studies have shown that babies sleep better and gain weight more quickly when on a waterbed than on a regular stuffed mattress. There is less pressure on  the circulatory system and on the soft bones of the head. There has been a dramatic decrease in the incidence of sudden infant crib syndrome in hospitals where infants have been placed on waterbeds. The "Small Waves" offers you these health benefits. Ask creative bedrooms for more information.


Q: Will I need special sheets for a waterbed?
A: While conventional flat sheets may be used, waterbed owners prefer the special fitted sheets designed for their waterbeds with deeper pocketed corners and attached top sheet. Also, 'Soft-Sided" waterbeds are made so that conventional bedding can be used!

Q: Will I need a mattress pad?
A: YES. Mattress pads not only contribute to more comfortable sleep by allowing the skin to breath, but they prevent body oils from damaging the vinyl. The mattress pad helps hold the heat and also helps protect your water mattress from playful animal friends!

Q: One of us weighs much more than the other. Will it make a difference?
A: By adjusting the firmness of your mattress, you will be able to sleep comfortably even if there is a very great difference in weight. But the mattress must not exceed the premade fill depth. creative bedrooms also offers a dual waveless mattress system. Each mattress can be adjusted separately with different amounts of water. Each mattress would have its own heating system, also! Ask creative bedrooms for more information!


Q: What kind of warranty service do you provide to the customer?
A: creative bedrooms is a specialist in the Waterbed Industry. We realize a  problem may develop with any system you purchase from us. creative bedrooms will gladly service your problem right away, so you can rest assured on your waterbed tonight! Compare quality for quality creative bedrooms guarantees the best quality and service in the area.

Q: How reliable are you, as a waterbed retailer?
A: Since our beginning in 1974, creative bedrooms has emerged as your area's  waterbed leader. creative bedrooms has something to offer to every waterbed shopper, from baby crib waterbeds to complete deluxe bedroom systems. QUALITY, RELIABILITY & DEPENDABILITY is the foundation to creative bedrooms' success and we will continue to faithfully and proudly meet the ever increasing needs of our customers and friends!

creative bedrooms is the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) 1998 Retailer of the Year. Recognized by retailer members of the SSA for their outstanding contributions to the Specialty Sleep Industry in the areas o f product quality, design , merchandising, customer service, ethics, communication and trade relations.

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