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The BedLeg is a support structure for all bed sizes that actually eliminates the need for either a conventional metal frame or a cumbersome pedestal base.

The BedLeg provides you with a lighter, less expensive and child-safe support structure that is faster and easier to install than any metal bed frame or pedestal bed base. And best of all the BedLeg is made right here in the USA.

Each BedLeg and base plate is made of hard plastic that is impervious to rust or corrosion, unlike a metal bed frame.


  • Creates childsafe sleeping environment, safer than other systems, no metal jagged edges.

  • Less expensive than metal frames or bases.

  • Stable adjustment or angling of bed height for special needs, medical conditions, seniors and convalescense.
  • BedLegs glide easily; will not harm linens, carpets or hardwood floors.

  • Allows for easy rotation of box springs, extending bed life

  • Avalable in four sizes: 3, 5, 7 and 10-inch legs.

  • Available in Brown for immediate shipping.

  • Pebble available as special order.



3 inch BedLegs
Description Size SKU# Price
  BedLegs 3 (#6)   Twin   BL3TW   $44.95
  BedLegs 3 (#9)   Queen/Double   BL3QDB   $59.95
  BedLegs 3 (#12)   King   BL3K   $74.95

5 inch BedLegs
Description Size SKU# Price
  BedLegs 5 (#6)   Twin   BL5TW   $44.95
  BedLegs 5 (#9)   Queen/Double   BL5QDB   $59.95
  BedLegs 5 (#12)   King   BL5K   $74.95

7 inch BedLegs
Description Size SKU# Price
  BedLegs 7 (#6)   Twin   BL7TW   $44.95
  BedLegs 7 (#9)   Queen/Double   BL7QDB   $64.95
  BedLegs 7 (#12)   King   BL7K   $79.95

10 inch BedLegs
Description Size SKU# Price
  BedLegs10 (#6)   Twin   BL10TW   $59.95
  BedLegs10 (#9)   Queen/Double   BL10QDB   $74.95
  BedLegs10 (#12)   King   BL10K   $99.95

Headboard Brackets Set of Two
Description Size SKU# Price
  Headboard Bracket(2)   All Sizes   HDBDRAK   $29.95

Installation Instructions

The BedLeg System easily attaches to the box spring utilizing two components: the threaded base plate and the bed leg. The threaded base plate installs directly onto the box spring and the leg simply screws into the threaded area of the base plate completing the installation.

Once the base plate is secured to the box spring using a power screwdriver, consumers can then very easily resize the height of their beds without any tools by simply attaching a different size leg.

Universal Bedlegs headboard brackets easily attach to most headboards. Using a power screwdriver, install the headboard bracket with the supplied hardware dirrectly to the boxspring. Use only 4 screws per plate.

To complete installation, simply bolt the headboard onto the bracket. Screws are not provided to attach the headboard bracket to the headboard.

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