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Padded Rails
Padded Rails for Hardside Waterbeds

Dimension Chart:
King - 72 inch Wide x 84 inch Long
Queen - 60 inch Wide x 84 inch Long
Super Single - 48 inch Wide x 84 inch Long
See all the and colors

Style/Color Color Size SKU# Price
2 Piece Standard Vinyl PC2SVL   $94.95
3 Piece Standard Vinyl PC3SVL   $114.95
5 Piece Standard Vinyl PC5SVL   $149.95
2 Piece Standard Cloth PC2SCL   $104.95
3 Piece Standard Cloth PC3SCL   $134.95
5 Piece Standard Cloth PC5SCL   $164.95
Style/Color Color Size SKU# Price
2 Piece Jumbo Vinyl PC2JVL   $149.95
3 Piece Jumbo Vinyl PC3JVL   $169.95
2 Piece Jumbo Cloth PC2JCL   $149.95
3 Piece Jumbo Cloth PC3JCL   $184.95
Style/Color Color Size SKU# Price
2 Piece Jumbo/Krinkle Vinyl PC2JKVL   $139.95
3 Piece Jumbo/Krinkle Vinyl PC3JKVL   $179.95
2 Piece Jumbo/Krinkle Cloth PC2JKCL   $154.95
3 Piece Jumbo/Krinkle Cloth PC3JKCL   $194.95
Style/Color Color Size SKU# Price
2 Piece Supreme Vinyl PC2SPVL   $144.95
3 Piece Supreme Vinyl PC3SPVL   $179.95
5 Piece Supreme Vinyl PC5SPVL   $199.95
2 Piece Supreme Cloth PC2SPCL   $159.95
3 Piece Supreme Cloth PC3SPCL   $194.95
5 Piece Supreme Cloth PC5SPCL   $214.95

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