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  Soft Side Metal  Frame
Softside Replacement Water Mattress
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  SoftSide Replacement Water Mattress for 4" Depth
  SoftSide Slant Foam Wall Replacement Water Mattress for 6" Depth
  SoftSide Straight Foam Wall Replacement Water Mattress for 6" Depth
  SoftSide Slant Foam Wall Replacement Water Mattress for 8" Depth
  SoftSide Replacement Safety Liners
Softside Replacement Covers
  Softside Replacement Covers

Q. Why a Softside Waterbed?

A: A Softside Waterbed fits any decor. They are made in the standard conventional mattress sizes so the softside uses standard size linens, blankets and headboards - everything you probably already own.

A Softside Waterbed has the comfort and warmth of a waterbed, without hard side rails!

A Softside Waterbed Contours to the shape of your body for even support which will eliminate pressure points to reduce tossing and turning.

For an incredibly comfortable nights rest replace your conventional sleep set with a softside waterbed. The rest is easy!

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