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Softside Replacement Water Mattress

creative bedrooms offers different styles of softside replacement water mattresses to accommodate your sleeping requirements. creative bedrooms softside replacement water mattresses come in a variety of sizes and different wave motion.

Each creative bedrooms softside replacement water mattress will have a full description. For example; % wave motion, depth of water (4, 6 or 8 inch), straight or slanted foam wall construction, layers of fiber with or without lumbar fiber, and other important product information.

Q: What does % waveless mean?
A: A free flow water mattress has 0% wave reduction. As fiber layers are added to the water mattress, the motion will decrease. A higher % waveless water mattress will have less motion and give firmer support than a free flow.

Q: What does depth of water mean?
A:This is the distance from the bottom surface of the softside, where the water mattress lays to the top of the interior foam support rail. creative bedrooms offers 4 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch depth replacement softside water mattress.

Q: What Is straight or slanted foam wall construction?
: The interior softside foam support wall will either be straight up and down or slanted inward toward the middle of the bed. Pull the softside water mattress away from the interior foam wall to determine this. creative bedrooms offers both the straight and slanted replacement softside waterbed mattress.

Q: What Is reinforced corners?
A: Extra reinforced vinyl in the outside 4 corners of the water mattress will add durability to the corners of the water mattress.

Q: What is tethered?
A: This is a memory stretch cord connecting the fiber to the inside corner of the vinyl water mattress. The 4-Point corner memory stretch tethering system keeps the layers of fiber from bunching or shifting.

Q: What are layers of fiber?
A: Patented memory hi-loft thermal bonded fiber provides varying degrees of wave reduction and support. The layers of fiber inside the water mattress will reduce the water motion and create firmness. The more layers of fiber, the less wave motion and firmer sleep support surface.

Q: What is extra lumbar support fiber?
A: Some replacement water mattress have additional fiber located in the lumbar area of your body. 1, 2 or 3 layers of additional hi-loft bonded fiber in the mid-body section of the wave reduction system gives extra ergonomic support where you need it the most.

Q: What is a dual water mattress?
A: If there are two people sleeping in the waterbed you may want to consider a dual water mattress. A dual water mattress would be two separate water mattress which would provide one water mattress for each sleeper. There are three reasons to have a dual water mattress;
(1) If there is a weight difference between the two sleepers
(2) If one person likes the water mattress warmer than the other sleeper and
(3) each sleeper would not feel the other move as much during the night compared to one water mattress.

Q: Do I need to replace my softside liner?
A: The safety liner is designed to help hold the water if a leak occurs. If you are replacing your softside water mattress this would be a good time to also replace your liner.

Q: Should I replace my softside heater?
A: The life expectancy for a softside heater is 3-6 years. If your heater is older, then it is recommended you replace your softside heater. Why set up a new softside water mattress and find out your heater does not work? You would then need to drain your new water mattress and replace your heater.

Q: Do I even need a heater with my softside?
A: When a heater is not used with your softside waterbed, condensation will occur between the mattress and your cover. This condensation will eventually develop into mildew and mold. creative bedrooms strongly recommends a heater with your softside waterbed.

Q: Which replacement water mattress will fit my softside?
A: You would measure the inside dimensions of your softside mattress to determine which replacement water mattress you would order. In order to determine which water mattress to order from creative bedrooms you would need to do the following;
1) Measure the depth of your existing softside water mattress. Measure distance from the bottom surface where the water mattress lays to the top of the foam support rail.
2) Determine whether you have a straight or slanted inside foam wall construction. Pull the softside mattress away from the interior foam wall to determine this. The interior foam support wall will either be vertically straight up and down or slanted inward toward the< middle of the bed.

Q: creative bedrooms does not offer a replacement softside water mattress which will fit my softside. What should I do?
A: creative bedrooms can have a mattress custom made to your specifications. Please call creative bedrooms at 941-371-0221 for more details.

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